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Andrew Zow

The former Alabama quarterback talks about the thrill of winning the 1999 SEC title, the heartbreak of 2000, and his rivalry with Tyler Watts
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Photo courtesy of Bryant Museum.
As a freshman, Zow completed 143 of 256 passes for 1,969 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Andrew Zow experienced both highs and lows during his University of Alabama football career. A native of Lake Butler, Fla., Zow played on three state championship teams before arriving in Tuscaloosa at the start of the rocky Mike DuBose era. Few Alabama quarterbacks have ever made a quicker impact. After working his way into the starting lineup as a redshirt freshman in 1998, Zow helped lead the Crimson Tide to the SEC championship in 1999, but he spent much of his Alabama career locked in a heated battle with younger rival Tyler Watts. During a four-year period when Bama finished 7-5, 10-3, 3-8 and 7-5, Zow passed for 5,983 yards and 35 touchdowns, enjoying several magical moments forever enshrined in the memories of Tide fans but also suffering through the various humiliating days of the DuBose regime. Zow is currently in his first season as head football coach at Montevallo High School near Birmingham.


CR: What was your impression of Alabama football as a young guy in Florida?

Zow: What I knew about Alabama was that it was a hard-nosed team that played great defense and had great running backs…When I first started watching football, Coach Stallings was the coach, and I wanted to play for a guy like Coach Stallings…When I got [to the point of choosing a school], he had retired and Coach DuBose had become the head coach…and I didn’t really know who he was…

CR: How did you convince your mom, who was very reluctant to let you play football?

Zow: It wasn’t me. It was my brother who convinced her. I was young; I was 8. My mother had a friend who died playing football. She never really wanted her kids to play. I had six older who brothers who played but mom didn’t care too much about ’em playing. Once my brother convinced her to let me play, he paid my fee to play little league football. Think it was 25 bucks. The rest is history. She is my biggest fan. I couldn’t win a game if she wasn’t there. If I scored a touchdown, she was on the field running down the sideline with me. She and I actually talked about that this morning. We talk every morning before I go to work.



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