The former Alabama linebacker talks about the perfect, but frustrating, 1966 season, the pass he caught to beat Auburn in 1968, and the day he crawled off the practice field

When he arrived on the Alabama campus in 1965, Mike Hall’s ambition was clear: He wanted to be the next Lee Roy Jordan. A native of the Birmingham suburb of Tarrant, Hall was a ferocious tackler who became a three-year starter for the Crimson Tide—one of only five linebackers during the Bryant era to earn First Team All-America honors. He was one of the leading tacklers on the stingy 1966 defense, which gave up just 37 points as the Crimson Tide finished a perfect season but was denied a historic third consecutive national championship. As a senior in 1968, he was named…(more)

These legendary moments won games, secured championships, and became part of the fabric of Alabama history

Defense is a group activity, achieving full power only when eleven men think and act as one.

Snap after snap, each defender goes about his businessóreading, chasing, colliding, tacklingónot knowing how or when a game-altering play will happen.

Some big plays jump out of the history books, forever bathed in significance or venerated as amazing feats of athletic skill.

What Alabama fan could ever forget Cornelius Bennett’s most legendary sack? It doesn’t just exist in Youtube replays. It lives on in the vivid memories of all who saw it live, forever enshrined in the inevitable retelling.(more)

Following in the footsteps of his older brothers, Bill Davis earned a national championship ring in Tuscaloosa, but he also learned about disappointment and heartbreak
** Part three of a three part series **

In the history of Alabama football, very few brothers have contributed more to the Crimson Tide’s success than the kicking Davises.

“The Davises,“ remarked former Bama quarterback Gary Rutledge, “are legends.“

Four decades later, the 1973 Crimson Tide still holds a long list of school records for offensive output, and Bill Davis’ name still ranks among…(more)

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